update 2019.08.07

[Early Discount 20% OFF] Three Piece 20% OFF! !

★ Domestic production order suit ★
Our popular domestic tailor-made suit 41,040 yen (tax included)
An early fair will be held to coincide with the arrival of new items in the 2019 Fall / Winter collection.

・ Suit tailoring fee
Regular price41,040 yen (tax included)Advance discount price 32,832 yen (tax included) ~! ! (Fabric / tailored price 20% OFF)
・ Price for tailoring three-piece or two-pants suit
Regular price 55,404 yen(Tax included )Early discount price 44,323 yen (tax included) ~! ! (Fabric and tailoring price 20% OFF)

"I can't imagine what the finish will be"
rest assured. About 80% of customers using our shop are customers who have ordered first experience.
We also have a lot of try-on samples and color sample fabrics.

In addition, many photos of customers who have made tailoring in the past are posted on our instagram! !

Please share your needs with the staff in charge.
When choosing fabric, fabric brand, stretch performance, trend colors of the year, etc.
We will propose products that meet your budget while solving your questions.

[Three Piece] with the best of the same fabric as the suit, which is often requested in the fall
Add another pair of pants to the suit to make it last longer [two-pants suit]

For customers of office casual recommended companies, tailoring with different fabrics [Jake bread style]
In addition to the above, we also offer [dressing clothes] and [director's suit] for ceremonial occasions.

About two months from your order date, just order at the store and wait at your home! !
The finished suit will be delivered to the designated shipping address, so it can be used by other prefecture residents.

There are many options to choose from.
Do you not arrange button, lining, etc. and tailor one piece full of attention?

There is a nursing room and elevator on the same store floor.
It is a shop that can be easily visited by small children.

There is no step in the store and visiting with a stroller is also welcome!
In the spacious shop, family members can spend their leisure time.


※ Because we use factory off season, delivery date will be charged for about 2 months ※ There is a possibility of ending earlier than scheduled due to the limited number of clothes.
※ The price changes depending on the fabric you choose. Also, the option is charged separately.
※ Advance order does not apply when ordering separately with a jacket, bottom, etc.
※ For direct delivery from the factory, we will separately charge 864 yen (tax included) per shipping charge.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 B1F Order Suit · Men's · Ladies'
ONLY is a men's clothing tailor from Kyoto.
At ONLY, we have various fabrics and models, we are accepting pattern order suit that responds to customer's personality and needs.
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