update 2010.08.05

New item ✾ cardo fabrica dot jacquard ✾


It is August and it is the beginning of a serious summer! !

How are you all spending?

Please spend a cool place (^ ^ ♪

Today is the new work of dot jacquard from cardo fabrica.

Good firmness and softness using acetate and rayon,
Using a wind weave machine with reverse color on the front and back with drapability
To finish with a sense of vintage.
I finished with details such as a clean rose bottom, a V-fold design on the back and a gathered amount of cuffs.

All-in-one-style dressing is also 〇 in the setup with the pants of the same material
Please take a look at the store! !
We'll be expecting you!


Blouse 17,280 (tax included)
One Piece 27,000 (tax included)
Pants 18,360 (tax included)
Color black only

note et silence.

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