update 2019.08.10

~ Nudie ~

Hello everyone.

It is an introduction from the new collection of autumn.

This nudy collection is

This series is characterized by a plump crystal.

As the name suggests, the color that blends into your skin

Even if there is size, it is light and comfortable to wear

It is also recommended for those who do not usually wear natural stones.

Ete original mist pink color

You can use it more elegantly.

Please have a look at the store.

Photo back 32,400 yen (tax included) (bracelet)
Left 41,040 yen (tax included) (earrings)
Center 36,720 yen (tax included) (necklace)
Right 30,240 yen (tax included) (ring)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F jewelry
"Always, my favorite one." Always cherish your likeness.
Under the spirit of "I would like you to enjoy jewelry more freely", praise the simple beauty, develop jewelry with a single playfulness.
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