update 2019.08.12

caph troupe 8W puff call jacket

How are you spending your time in Bon?
Since the hot days continue, please stay cool.
The corduroy series that we put out at the same time every year today
It is an introduction.
This year, the call is a little thinner than the previous year, and uses a slightly swollen call.
It ’s light and comfortable to wear
It is also recommended to set up with a jacket!
A lot of new works are in stock now. !
We'll be expecting you!
Notes Ecci Rans Ginza MARRONNIER GATE store


Jacket 18,144 yen (tax included)
Skirt 13,824 yen (tax included)
Pants 14,904 yen (tax included)

Color white, pink, black

note et silence.

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