update 2019.08.29

Gradient flavor appearance

Luciano offers three types of mixed flavors as a larcano (mysterious) flavor.
This is a popular flavor with an exquisite balance of color and taste.

This time limited time plan!
Recommended gradation gelato presented by staff who love gelato.
Beloved [more] flavor is here!

And! Recruiting original beloved flavors designed by customers!
Application period 9 / 1-9 / 15
☆ Gradient flavored customers will receive a specially designed gelato in M size
You will also name your beloved flavor.

Example) I want to eat ramune and milk together ...
Ramune x Milk gradation design!
The name is “Cream Soda”

Please speak to the staff first!


☆ Larcano (mysterious) series will be in stock during the period.
* Please note that each flavor is limited in quantity.

LUCIANO bio Ginza

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Italian gelato herb tea
Through authentic Italian gelato and herb tea, we will deliver your proposal to spend a natural and healthy lifestyle with everyone's heart and body.
Ginza store limited bio style sticks to healthy & beauty, sugar non-use · milk not used 100% vegetable gelato is available.
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