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[Amplifier rule] Limited quantity 2 types

Hello everyone
MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2B1FCosme Clinic is
The sun is getting weaker and the cooler hours are increasing.
For tired skin that has been exposed to a lot of strong summer sun
Why don't you take full care?
A great deal from popular amp rules2Type appearance
【Amplifier RulesVC&UVCare set]
Recommended for those concerned about UV spots, wrinkles, dullness and pores
LDKThe best cosmetic award-winning booster serumVCTo Essence Water
Amp rule sellingNo.1No sunscreenWProtectUVPlus "
Lotion for permeating lotion that moisturizes the skin and improves transparencyAO(Special size)Well-combined set that combines
【Amplifier Rules Luxury moisture set]
Recommended for those who are concerned about drying, wrinkling or sagging due to ultraviolet rays
From the Luxury de Age series that contains growth factors, plant stem cells, and self-maintenance peptides that can be expected to have a high aging effect,
A high moisturizing lotion “ Lifting Lotion ” that fills moisture with rice fermentation power and tightens the skin, and a dense beauty serum “ Rejuxhon ” that gives upward tension and moisture to loose skinV (special size)A luxurious set that combines
As it will be a limited set, please get it as soon as possible


● Amp rule VC & UV care set… 10,368 yen including tax ● Amp rule luxury moisture set… 6,480 yen including tax

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