update 2019.08.30

~ Guide for new autumn products ~

Hello everyone
Thank you for always seeing the shop news!
The unstable weather continues and the temperature changes drastically.
Today's information on new autumn products!
Feather yarn cardigan that feels like fur with long bristle feet
A moderate luster makes for an adult-like appearance even though it is fluffy.
Of course, compatibility with skirts and dresses is outstanding!
The length of the hips and the large pockets look like this year, making it a cardigan that is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.
In addition, new autumn products such as washable wool knit and warm reserve skinny pants that were popular last year are also in stock!
Please see at store at this opportunity.
We look forward to your visit and all the staff.


[Staff wear]
Cardigan 11,880 yen (tax included)
Tops 7,549 yen (tax-included)
Pants 8,629 yen (tax included)
Shoes 8,629 yen (tax included)
Bag 7,549 yen (tax included)


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PLST corresponds to various life scenes of adults and utilizes seasonal information from around the world, plus seasonal select products in addition to original products developed thoroughly in "materials", "comfort" and "dressing" It is a brand that proposes the highest quality daily wear from Japan that makes your life comfortable and rich.
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