update 2019.08.30

[MARLING & EVANS] New jacket arrival

[ MARLING & EVANS ]Marling & Evans
1782Founded in EnglandThe manufacturer's jacket has arrived.

An integrated production manufacturer that performs spinning, weaving and finishing in-house.
Occupation and chemical substances are not used in the weaving process.
With a commitment to use natural soapManufacturerIt is famous as

The fine fabrics that create a traditional atmosphereTake advantage of the natural British wool color
A soft, high quality 100% wool fabric.

Price: 41,040 yen ( tax included )
Quality: WOOL 100 %
Weight: 370g
Available in 4 sizes (36 to 39).

This year, many new jackets are scheduled to arrive at any time.
Also with your favorite fabric, to suit your customersTailoring is also possible.
When you come to Ginza, please drop in to see the latest autumn / winter works.

There is a nursing room and an elevator on the same floor.
Visitors with small children can also come easily.
There is no step in the store and visiting with a stroller is also welcome!
In the spacious shop, family members can spend their leisure time.


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ONLY is a men's clothing tailor from Kyoto.
At ONLY, we have various fabrics and models, we are accepting pattern order suit that responds to customer's personality and needs.
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