update 2019.08.30


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thank you for using.
It is information for very advantageous event for new life in autumn.
From August 30 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday),
For household goods and food
"LIFE GOODS FAIR" will be held.
Living miscellaneous goods including target interior miscellaneous goods during the period
If you purchase over 30,000 yen excluding tax,
Apart from regular UR CLUB shopping points,
Get UR CLUB bonus points.
To meet the new season,
Would you like to renew personal items around you?
That furniture, personal items, etc.
This is a great opportunity.

August 30 (Fri)-September 30 (Mon), 2019

[Purchase price30,000 yen without tax~
Depending on the amount10,000 yenEvery1,000 points

30,000 yen → 3,000 points
40,000 yen → 4,000 points
200,000 yen → 20,000 points (maximum)

At this great opportunity

Please consider it.

I am waiting from the visit of everyone's visit.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 2F Ladies' · Fashion accessories · Miscellaneous goods
Urban Research Doors Ginza MARRONNIER GATE store will renew its sales floor from August and will upgrade and sell more than ever as a women's only store that will be the first Urban Research Doors.
In addition to the development of women's brands in the store, we have the original food line "DOORS GROCERY" of URBAN RESEARCH DOORS sticking to the raw materials, original lifestyle furniture, miscellaneous goods line "LIVING PRODUCTS", familiar to local people rooted in the area We aim for shops that are easy to find.
We are waiting for everyone's coming by all means.
Store information here