update 2019.09.07

Introducing the new store of Azunoazudewan MARRONNIER GATE Ginza101.png

Everyone, at the MARRONNIER GATE Ginza store
Have you been to the new store yet?110.pngWhat?

August 27 (Tue)
MARRONNIER GATE Ginza second floor of MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3

This time, MARRONNIER GATE Ginza PP model
With Colon-chan, Gin-chan and Ponkan-kun
Introducing the new store

as know as de wan [8.27 Reopened]

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 B2F Pet goods
Ladies' brand 'Aznu Az' suggests coordination of dogs and matching matches.
We incorporate trendy casual wear, even in the ease of movement, we are preparing wear stuck to individual detail and materials.
In addition, items that are divided into tops and bottoms can not only choose the size that suits your dog, but also enjoy more coordination.
Store information here