update 2019.09.16

◇ ebony ivory MARRALIEUS bottom ◇


Today I feel a little bit of autumn

How are you spending time?

Today is ebonyivory,

Introducing items using the popular MARRALIEUS fabric.

A series using 150-year-old British long-established luxury fabric brand Malarius check fabric.

A well-crafted, reasonably slick wool fabric that adult women can wear without stretching their shoulders.

It is tailored to a casual silhouette that is feminine and feminine.

A skirt will also appear this year! !

Please have a look at the store! !

We'll be expecting you!


Jumper skirt 21,146 yen (tax included)

Asme slit skirt 16,500 yen (tax included)

Color Cha Purple Green

note et silence.

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Ladies'
Universal bipolarity Warmth of hands.
A select shop that sends out fine fashion to adult women who are humorous and playful with the original brand as the core.
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