update 2020.03.05

[Limited to one set per day! ] 6 dishes including selectable sukiyaki + 2H drink release [Bamboo course] ¥ 6,980 (charge and tax included)

Special plan limited to one set per day! The main dish is "Sukiyaki" of A5 rank Japanese black beef or "Spicy Sukiyaki" which blends several kinds of peppers with red miso base.
All-you-can-drink is available in 40 types including draft beer, wine, and sake. (Cooking + 2h free drink + table charge, tax included) * In addition, this course will be used by more than 4 people.
* In addition, this course requires advance reservations. Please note that reception is not possible after your visit.

[Course content]

* Please tell us the main at the time of reservation.

[With chopsticks] Raw enoki salad

[Small bowl] Steamed beef muscle bowl

[Appetizers] Three kinds of seasonal seasonal vegetables and sake appetizers

[Main] Special Spicy Sukiyaki or Sukiyaki (Please choose one)
A5 rank Japanese black beef 120g + colorful vegetables

[Meal] Udon

[Sweetness] Today's sweetness

◇ Free drink for 2 hours ◇
Draft beer, sour, cocktail, whiskey, wine, plum wine, shochu, sake, soft drinks, etc. All 40 kinds of free drinks

※ Please refrain from excessive drinking. (Additional charges may apply)
※The photograph is an image.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 12F Japanese Sukiyaki
Our restaurant where you can relax and enjoy carefully selected Japanese black beef in a restaurant where you can enjoy the night view.
There is a menu that allows you to fully enjoy the deliciousness of meat, such as "Sukiyaki", "Spicy Sukiyaki", and "Roasted". Above all, you can enjoy "Sukiyaki", which can be enjoyed under the original taste that makes use of the taste of A5 rank Japanese black beef, and a blend of several kinds of pepper based on red miso base. Spicy sukiyaki] is recommended. You can enjoy the texture and umami that will make you feel instantly when you put it in your mouth.
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