update 2020.03.13

SpringCoat special feature-3


By the way, today is "Cotton X polyester typewriter coat"

The colors are navy and beige.
Not too casual, relax in a relaxed silhouette.
The softness and tenderness of cotton, the feeling of harshness.
In addition, it is also water-repellent and can be used on rainy days.A nice feeling of fabric.

≪Navy style≫
The first one,
Navy has white stitching,
Recommended for casual wear.
If you calm down with the dark blue outer, the color pattern is not difficult.
You can change into bright and pale colors and enjoy the seasonal changes.

≪Beige style≫
Beige mode is beautiful when combined with dark colors. Spring black is not too heavy,
He / she puts it in a good balance.
Even with flowers with designs and accessories.

Here are popular coats,
If you are worried, please check it out as soon as possible.



≪Navy style≫
Coat 37,400 yen (tax included) HARRISS
Knit one-piece 19,800 yen (tax included) Harriss
Pants 18,700 yen (tax included) HARRISS
Scarf 26,400 yen (tax included) MANTERO
Necklace 53,900 yen (tax included) ZiiO

≪Beige style≫
Coat 37,400 yen (tax included) HARRISS
Shirt 19,800 yen (tax included) Harriss (Occasion)
Cardigan 19,800 yen (tax included) HARRISS GRACE
Pants 19,800 yen (tax included) Harriss
Bracelet 42,900 yen (tax included) ZiiO
Poach 7,700 yen (tax included) LUISA CEVESE
Bag 53,900 yen (tax included) MANTERO


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Anything with value takes time and effort
Worth noticing is time consuming and laborious. Based on the theme, casual wear for adult women focusing on original.
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