update 2020.03.17

[DRAGO Swing] Outstanding comfort with natural stretch!

New Spring: DRAGO Swing Collection

You need a suit that is comfortable and easy to move because spring is a time when you have to go out, right?
The perfect fabric has appeared for such people!

It is an influential maker in the Viera region in Italy.
We perform integrated production from spinning yarn to weaving into fabric.
It is also famous for its high quality and original color patterns that are very attractive.

"DRAGO Swing" is a high quality material using Super 130's wool,
Suit fabric with natural elasticity by applying special processing.
Shoulders, sleeves, knees, etc. do not stretch to stretch according to the movement of the wearer
It is comfortable as if you can play golf in a suit.
Please try once!

Price: 63,800 yen (tax included) ~
Delivery: about 3 weeks

Make a suit you really want to wear / make

Every day, high quality fabrics selected for businessmen who work hard
Tailor-made suits tailored at our own factory (only factory) in Saga Prefecture.
From luxury fabrics that make use of the characteristics of each region such as Italy and the UK to ONLY original fabrics
About 200 types are available.

Let's make the best outfit with ONLY staff! !

Price: 41,800 yen (tax included) ~
Delivery: about 3 weeks


※ We introduce men's and women's suits.
* Formal suits can be tailored using special fabrics.


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ONLY is a men's clothing tailor from Kyoto.
At ONLY, we have various fabrics and models, we are accepting pattern order suit that responds to customer's personality and needs.
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