update 2020.06.01

Singapore food & Mango sweets Nasi Padan Lunch 1,950 yen (tax included)


Singapore Sea gathered Singapore's popular 4 store food in the Republic of lunch, the local Singapore Asian cuisine fill the table food you can enjoy a "Nashipadan". It is a unique Singaporean dining style where many dishes are brought to the table. All your favorite menus can be replaced!
Furthermore, from June, we will offer sweets using mango only in the summer!
There are plenty of sweets using mango such as fluffy sponge cloth and fresh mango trifle, mango jelly, pastry chef's special baked goods and mango and coconut milk tapioca.
Enjoy yourself after a spicy meal.

Nasi Padang Lunch Adult 1,950 yen /Primary schoolchild or less 1,000 yen / 3 years old or less Free (all tax included)

Lunch opening hours
Weekdays 11: 00-14: 00 (final announcement) / 15: 00 (closed)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11: 00-15: 00 (final announcement) / 16: 00 (closed)
Period: Monday, June 1, 2020 ~

<Example of menu>
・ Green salad
・ Vermicelli salad
・ Chickpea spicy beans salad
・ Hainan chicken
・ Fried clams with holi basil
・ Char siu omelet
・ Coconut shrimp toast
・ Dried shrimp and winter melon soup
・ Beef Rundun
・ Salt pepper fried fish
・ Stir-fried white fish with pepper
・ Assam Vegetable Curry
・ Jasmine rice
・ Singapore fried noodles
・ Laksa noodles
・ Pork noodles
◎ Desert plate ◎
・ Mango rifle
・ Coconut milk mango & tapioca
·Mango Jelly
・ Almond tofu
・ Fruits (mango, pineapple)
・ Small sweets (chocolate cookies, vanilla cookies, biscotti)

* Contents may change depending on the stocking situation.
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MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 11F Asian Ethnic
After passing through the open kitchen, you can see the streets of Ginza and the Tokyo Tower from the dining room with a sense of opening when you enter inside.
Bright sunshine enters from the big window at noon and you can spend an open moment.
In the evening, the interior of the city-based, stylish white base and the contrast of the night view reflect the elegance.
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