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The skin is crispy and the body is fluffy. Hitsabushi of "Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho" [Takeaway]


"Bincho" is a specialty store of Nagoya's famous "Hitsumabushi".
The feature is the "ground burning", which is baked over a long flame of high heat without steaming. "Tamari soy sauce and mirin" from Aichi prefecture has a unique fragrance and brilliance. Please enjoy the eel, which has crispy skin and is moisturized.

[1st photo] Hitsumabushi Bincho's eel has crisp skin and fluffy body. Excellent compatibility with the highest quality Tamari soy sauce and a secret sauce made with carefully selected sugar and mirin! Let's eat Hitsumabushi first! Dashi, green onion, wasabi and seaweed.

Hitsumabushi (60 to 70% of one eel) 3,780 yen (tax included)
Upper Hitsumabushi
(for one eel) 4,730 yen (tax included)
Extraordinary Hitsumabushi
(for 1.5 eels) 6,696 yen (tax included)

[2nd photo] Unadon Unadon (4 slices of eel) 2,894 yen (tax included)
Upper Unadon
(5 pieces of eel) 3,404 yen (tax included)

[The third photo] Unaju Unaju (6 pieces of eel) 3,996 yen (tax included)
(8 slices of eel) 4,730 yen (tax included)

[4th photo] Long fried (no rice / 5 slices of eel) 3,218 yen (tax included)

◎There are many other takeout menus available. Please contact us for more information.

[Reservation time ]
Lunch [all day] 11:00-14:30
Dinner [Mon-Thu/Sun] 17:00-20:00 [Fri/Sat/Holiday] 17:00-21:00

[Handover time]
Lunch [all day] 11:20~15: 00
Dinner [Monday-Thursday, Sunday] 17:20-21:00 [Friday, Saturday, and day before holidays] 17:20-22:00

*When ordering at the store, it will take some time (baking time 20 to 30 minutes). Please note.
Advance reservations are not required, but those who make a reservation can receive it smoothly.
*The image shown may differ from the actual product.
*The price of take-out products is the total amount including the consumption tax of 8% for the products subject to the reduced tax rate. It may be displayed at the price excluding tax at the store.


Reservations for takeout will be accepted by phone or at the store!
Delivery service for Uber Eats and Menu is underway! (Please note that the delivery service is different from the store takeaway price.)

HITSUMABUSHI NAGOYA BINCHO Hitmushi Nagoya Bingo Ginzaten

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 12F A lump
Specialty store of Nagoya specialty "Hibimushi" "Bin".
Unlike the Edo-Eel, the eel that burns the ground without steaming is crispy and spicy outside while it is fluffy and juicy in finish.
Please come and visit our shop where you can taste "real gimmick" only in Tokyo.
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