update 2020.07.21

" GINZA SHABUTSU YOSHINOSASA " Gyudon with 100% Japanese black beef 1,000 yen [Takeaway]

-Ginza Shabu-style GINZA SHABUTSU YOSHINOSASA/ MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 12F / Steamed Shabu/Shabu-Shabu Cuisine-

We always prepare rare brands of meat, such as A5 grade Japanese black beef, Matsusaka beef, and black pork, which are rare in the market.
Please enjoy the variety of meat carefully selected by the chef.
Seasonal vegetables, secret sardines to match at stores, and dipping sauce such as ponzu sauce are also popular.

[First photo] Roast beef lunch of Matsusaka beef ¥1,900 (tax included)
Roast beef made from Matsuzaka beef that has been carefully cooked using a low-temperature cooking method, and then grilled with a fragrant finish. For the sauce, the usual sesame sauce and ponzu sauce are prepared. (Matsusaka beef 100% used)

[Second photo] Japanese beef bowl of Japanese black beef 1,000 yen (tax included)
A unique beef bowl made with 100% Japanese black beef. In addition to the standard ingredients such as onions, beef buns and ginger are also accents, making this a product you will never get tired of.

[The third photo] Shabutsutsutsu at home 8,000 yen (for 2 people, tax included)
One person, Matsuzaka beef 120g, black pork 70g, duck 60g, total 250g, full volume. In addition to vegetables, 〆 Shina soba, concentrated soup, you can also enjoy the secret sesame sauce and ponzu sauce that you can only taste at shops at home.
*Since it is not frozen, please order according to the time you enjoy it.

◎There are many other menus available.

[Reservation reception time] 12:00-14:00, 17:30-21:00
[Delivery time] 12:00~15:00, 17:30~22:00

*It will take about 15 minutes to place an order at the store. Please note.
Advance reservations are not required, but those who make a reservation can receive it smoothly.
*Depending on the situation, information such as temporary closures/business hours changes and menus and other posted information may change.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 12F Steamed shabu-shabu dish
Shabu-shabu and Ippo steaming specialty shop where you can enjoy cattle · pork · duck · seasonal vegetables sticking to the production area.
Steamed shabu-shabu course using special sauce is also available.
Please come in secret sesame sauce made with 24 kinds of materials.
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