update 2020.07.30

Hiramatsu Wine To Go! Start of over-the-counter sales of French wine [takeaway]


In-store sales of French wines carefully selected by Hiramatsu have started.
We always have 8-10 varieties including champagne, white wine and red wine. Wine sales started in July. We provide it in a vacuum storage bottle (Air 0).
BRASSERIE PAUL BOCUSE GINZA Manager Hitoshi Takeuchi is the Paul Bocuse Sommelier. If you have any questions about wine choices, please feel free to ask about their characteristics and compatibility with dishes.

Wine sold by weight (300ml ~ vacuum storage bottle) 1, 200 yen (tax included)
House wine (white/red) 1,200 yen per 300ml Sparkling wine, other than champagne, we can offer other wines. (Half price of bottled wine price)

Queen Vouve Amber of Sparkling Wine 2,750 yen (tax included)
Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Millesime 2016 ≪Veuve Ambal≫
Clemence de Burgundy Brut Millesime 2016 <<Veuve Anbar>> (white/foam)
Production area: Burgundy / Size: 750ml / Main variety: Chardonnay / Taste: Dry

Popular Hiramatsu label champagne 5,280 yen (tax included)
Delamotte Brut Hiramatsu
Duramot, Brut, Hiramatsu (white/foam)
Production area: Champagne / Size: 750ml / Main variety: Chardonnay / Taste: White, foam

Popular with women Fresh Sauvignon Blanc with a refreshing feel 3,130 yen (tax included)
Clos des Lunes Cuvée Lune d'Argent 2014
Clos de Lune Cuvee Lune d'Argent 2014 (white)
Production area: Bordeaux / Size: 750 ml / Main varieties: Mainly Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc / Taste: Dry, dry white wine. A refreshing and fresh acidity spreads, followed by a condensed citrus fruit flavor and a pleasant bitterness of lemon peel and herbs. Recommended for women.

Loire's famous brewery Sansère Red wine 19th generation Alphonse Melo family 3,450 yen (tax included)
Sancerre La Moussière 2010 Alphonse Mellot
Sancer La Mucher Rouge 2010 Alphonse Melo (red)
Production area: Loire / Size: 750ml / Main variety: Pinot Noir / Taste: Medium body
In the Loire Saint-Cere, the Alfons-Melo family, who has been involved in winemaking for over 19 generations since the 1500s, owns this La Muscière field for a long time.

◎There are many other menus available.

[Reservation reception and delivery time]
Weekdays 11:00-15:00, 17:30-23:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-15:30, 17:30-23:00

*Depending on the situation, information such as temporary closures/business hours changes and menus and other posted information may change.
*The price of take-out products is shown as the total amount including the consumption tax of 8% for the products subject to the reduced tax rate. It may be displayed at the price excluding tax at the store.
*Production may be discontinued or specifications, release date, price, etc. may be changed due to circumstances. Please check at the store.


Food delivery is on sale at Uber Eats.
Enjoy orthodox French cuisine with French wine, including duck confit, Lorraine quiche and homemade ham baguette sandwich.
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MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 10 F French cuisine
Brasserie Paul Bocuse is a French cuisine master Paul Bocuse who can easily enjoy French cuisine.
Dining room full of openness can be used for various occasions such as everyday use, anniversary, party and wedding. The cuisine concept of the Ginza store is “tradition and modern”. The chef, Akihiko Hoshino, reconstructs traditional French cuisine with a unique sensibility and creates a modern look. We are particular about fresh vegetables and fish that are sent directly from the production area, and deliver the most delicious seasonal taste.
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