update 2020.07.29

The taste of the “dandan noodles PiRiRi” shop at home and at work [take home]

― dandan noodles PiRiRi/ MARRONNIER GATE Ginza2 B2F
The spiciness that comes from fresh Hana Sansho and home-made citrus oil is popular, with no chemical seasoning. Hemp (numbness)
Take-out noodles without soup that you can adjust to your liking.
■ [ First photo]No juicenoodlesWhite sesame 950 yen (tax included)
Homemade sardine oil, freshly picked flower pepper,3Sichuan-style soupless bearer with strong sashimi using homemade sesame sauce with various types of white sesamenoodlesis!
■ [ Second photo]Chillingnoodles 1,050Yen (tax included) 
Summer limited chilled soupless carriernoodlesis. Please enjoy it with tomato puree! Of course, you can adjust the spiciness! 

◎Other menus are also available.
*The image may differ from the actual product.
*The price of the take-out products is the total amount including the consumption tax of 8 % for the products subject to the reduced tax rate. It may be displayed at the price excluding tax at the store.
*Depending on the situation, information such as temporary closures/business hours changes and menus and other posted information may change.
*Production may be discontinued or specifications and prices may be changed due to circumstances. Please check at the store.

dandan noodles PiRiRi

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Bear noodles
Sichuan style noodle shop.
Enjoy numbness with Hua Jiao and moderate spiciness with homemade chili oil.
Pakchi, Myou, and hot spring eggs, onions and other toppings will make you more delicious.
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