update 2020.09.03

Threeq Nail Salon Delivers a new autumn collection♪

The autumn collection of 2020, a limited design from release to the end of November 2020 ^^
A lineup of the latest designs such as Star Galaxy (Magnet Gel)!
Please use ♪

*Please state "Autumn Collection No. 0" when making a reservation. (If not specified, it may not be available at the store)
*All prices exclude tax.

Three q Nail Salon

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 3F Nail salon
Shabby & chic relaxation space for adult women. 【Usually, I want the woman who is working hard for someone or something to spend time for myself slowly] Three q Nailsalon born from such thought.
From simple and trend design to special nails for important days, we have wide range.
We are waiting for the highest-class service for all the women who are doing their best every day, including those who "have not found an ideal salon yet" or "who is the first nail salon" ♪
We are also accepting troubles and consultations of your nails. Please feel free to contact us.
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