update 2020.09.14

Japan's first! Drone experience cafe

Japan's first SKY FIGHT CAFE Ginza where you can experience a drone while relaxing at a cafe!

It usually costs 500 yen (tax included), but now customers who order drinks and meals can experience it for free!
In addition to coffee, tea and soft drinks, you can also drink beer, highball and other alcoholic beverages at the cafe.

You can enjoy it in groups or alone, so please take this opportunity.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 4F Drone sales/cafe
Participatory drone race `` SKY FIGHT '' that has held events at 26 locations nationwide since it started in February 2019
With the hope that a wide range of customers will enjoy this time, we will open SKY FIGHT CAFE , which expresses the concept of drone net, "To make the world smile with drones". The theme of the store is "drone cafe that you can easily enjoy in Ginza", and there is a desire to make customers and drones meet in a space that resembles a resort cafe.
Please take this opportunity to come to " SKY FIGHT CAFE Ginza", enjoy a new encounter with a drone in the middle of the city, and enjoy a drink while relaxing. Please look forward to the drone racetrack that makes you want to take photos.
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