update 2020.09.30

Glasses as light as air

FUWA CELLU, which is gentle like a feather and light like air, is lightweight, elastic, and strong against impact. "FUWA CELLU" series of OWNDAYS was appointed the TR-90 to the frame of the material, because of the relief material, you can recommend it to people who suffer from a metal allergy. In addition, because it is a very lightweight material with excellent elasticity, it is comfortable to wear, and it is a recommended brand line for those who are not accustomed to wearing glasses. "Grillamide TR-90" is a safe material developed for medical instruments. It is a popular brand with its simple and transparent texture, colorful colors and feminine design. Please try it on at the store.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Eyewear sales
● Simple price At any frequency, additional lens fee is 0 yen Frame display price (+ tax)
Frame + lens = 4,980 yen + tax
Realize a simple price setting [frame display price + tax] that allows you to make glasses with a thin lens that is optimal for any frequency at an additional charge of 0 yen.
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