update 2020.10.02

sweets released on October 2

Autumn sweets are on sale from October 2nd.
You can take it home ♪

[1st photo]
* [Crumble chocolate] 450 yen + tax Cake set 730 yen + tax

You can enjoy the rich taste with the chocolate chunks in the dough.
The crisp top crumble is an accent.
If you combine it with the target set drink, it will be a great cake set.
▼▼ Recommended ordering method ▼▼
Paid customized vanilla ice cream topping for warming the cake

[2nd photo]
* [Apple caramel tart] 450 yen + tax Cake set 730 yen + tax
A sweet and sour juicy cake with the motif of Tarte Tatin.
The apple is simmered with red wine and lemon juice, and has a perfect balance with the bitter caramel cream.
▼▼ Recommended pairing ▼▼
Royal milk tea, soy latte

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