update 2020.10.05

○ Organic cotton fine call pants ●


The new pants arrived early (^^ ♪

It's still a reserved item at the ambidex store, so you want to see it soon! !!

Uses fine call woven softly with organic cotton.

The brushed surface is also delicate and soft.

It is soft on the skin, light and comfortable to wear.

Off-white makes use of the color of organic cotton as it is

A gentle color that has been washed with hot water while leaving the kinaricus.

Green is product dyed.

The surface of khaki is frosted after dyeing the product, giving it a used look.

The shape is also wide straight and cropped tapered pants type 2.

Both are easy to wear and recommended!

Please take a look! !!




Wide straight 17,600 yen Cropped tapered 15,950 yen All (tax included)
Color white green khaki

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