update 2020.10.15

Jet-black "Nello" again

Luciano's classics are "Golden Rule of Milk", "Pistachio from Bronte", and one more ...

That flavor is back for the first time in two years!
"Nello" featuring a pitch black color
Based on black sesame, black 5 (black sesame, black beans, black rice, black pine nuts, black karin) is mixed.
In addition, a black gelato that uses edible activated carbon.
We offer a gentle sesame flavor that is a collection of healthy foods.


Nello M size 550 yen (tax included) ~
L size 650 yen (tax included) ~

LUCIANO bio Ginza

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Italian gelato herb tea
Through authentic Italian gelato and herb tea, we will deliver your proposal to spend a natural and healthy lifestyle with everyone's heart and body.
Ginza store limited bio style sticks to healthy & beauty, sugar non-use · milk not used 100% vegetable gelato is available.
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