update 2020.10.12

〇nitca 2/30 chess knit dress 〇


The typhoon made a U-turn,
The unclean weather will continue.
I want you to have a sunny autumn day soon ...
Today, we received a new work of nitca's classic knit "CHESS".
Uses Japanese Toyobo yarn, which is famous for world-class cashmere spinning.

A straight and beautiful thread made from the delicate sense of a craftsman.


By applying compression processing after knitting, swelling appears and the sponge has a unique texture.


This year, we have you make a custom-made twisted heather thread to make it a warmer knit with a sponge.

It's not so thick and easy to wear, so you can wear it with just one piece
It seems that you can enjoy wearing pants and layering (^^ ♪
Please take a look (^ _-)-☆




One Piece 18,480 yen (tax included)

Color Kinari, Cha, Red, Charcoal Gray

note et silence.

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