update 2020.10.15

NEW arrival [rogue]

Hello everyone.

master-piece This is the outer garden of the Ginza Marronnier store.

As the temperature dropped, new autumn / winter products arrived at Masterpiece.

The main body is made of a collaboration material that combines INVISTA's strong yarn CORDURA® Fabric and HONNYWELL's super fiber SPECTRA® (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). CORDURA® thread (vertical CORDURA® N210d x horizontal CORDURA® NP300d) on the base, 15 times stronger than iron on the ripstop part, lighter and more durable than polyester, and 40% stronger than aramid fiber SPECTRA® thread By using it, CORDURA® has added durability such as wear and tear, and further tensile and tear strength.
It is an original material finished in a high-class melange material by using nylon x polyester thread for the weft thread.

INVISTA's 1680d Cordura Ballistic ® nylon, which has about 5 times the wear, tear strength and durability of normal nylon, is used as the accessory material, and the back surface is PU processed to further improve the strength. ..
In addition, the three-dimensional pockets are made of cotton camouflage print fabric coated with 0.4 mm thick colored PVC, and the surface is embossed and soiled to give a very deep look. .. The included leather is made from high quality Australian raw leather and is made from 100% vegetable tannin tanned thick leather that has been thoroughly impregnated with Mimosa Kepra tannins.
It features a beautiful and elegant surface with a semi-aniline finish that makes the most of the dye and transparency. Not only can you remove the buckle of the three-dimensional pocket and put a PET bottle in it, but you can also easily take it out by pulling the tape part. It is a master-piece-like series equipped with high-spec fabrics, parts, and gimmicks in a military motif design.

There is also BLACK as a color development, and sizes are also available in L size.

It can be widely used when traveling or on holidays.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.

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master-piece Ginza Marronnier store

OPEN to CLOSE 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 * For the time being


2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


℡: 03-55246500

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Product number: 43131
Price: 41,800 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 4F Men's, Bags & Shoes
We pursued a wide range of original teeth from combinations of different materials, original coloring, parts selected from domestic and overseas, functional materials, proposing back that combines fashionability and functionality as part of fashion.
Japan maid brand "masterpiece" which has its own factory, an exclusive craftworker who is unusual in back brands to leave the delicate craftsman's temperament of Japanese and technology in future generations.
We also deal with apparels that have been selected from domestic and international from the import back such as "C6" AER ".
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