update 2021.07.12

☆ iki PICCO Best Series ☆

Hello (^^ ♪
Late summer items are in stock little by little.

Today, we are proposing new items to be layered from the popular iki knit classic PICCO.

The shape of the total needle cherished the silhouette when worn.

The JQ pattern is on the back, and the size is set to fit the body.

The design on the back gives it a beautiful back view.

Together with your inner items

It is a versatile item that can change the rhythm.

The sleeve gather type is a ridge knit that features knit-like eyes.
Dock with a sheer and firm fabric

We have launched a new design.

The point is the balance with plenty of gathers.

By making the string longer, it will move when stacked.
By layering cut-and-sew on the inn in autumn, it will be an item that can be worn and worn! !!
Please take a look at the store! !!
We look forward to (^ ^ ♪
Please be careful when you come to the store m (_ _) m


Gather pullover 13,200 yen (tax included)
Back jacquard pullover 13,200 yen (tax included)

Color Kinari, Kuro

note et silence.

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