update 2021.07.19

☆☆ Summer vitamin color ☆☆

Hello everyone

It's going to be in production soon in summer
Clear blue sky, cumulonimbus clouds like cotton candy, a little sad sunset
But after all, I love the feeling of liberation in summer

I won't lose to the heat of summer today!
Introducing energetic vitamin-colored shoes

Vitamin color is one color and it looks crisp
I think there are many people who are wondering how to incorporate it.
The recommended method for such people is to use a coordinated color scheme.
Sweet and sour yellow
Juicy orange
Refreshing blue like the sea

For simple clothes, just add vitamin color in one place
It will give you a brighter and more fashionable impression than usual.
Also, if you use suede material, the color will be softened a little and it will be familiar to your skin, so it is easy to incorporate.

It is said that when you see bright and vivid colors, you will feel better and feel better.
Wear vitamin colors and spend your days happy

◆ Various shoes 16,940 yen (tax included) ~

In addition to this, we also have a wide variety of SALE products.
We also accept confirmation of in-stock items and E-collect (cash on delivery service).
Please feel free to contact us.

All the staff look forward to your visit.
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