update 2018.10.29

* Knit fair items Mohair aligned hand-knitted knit *

Hello everyone!

Also this time, we will introduce the new work of knit fair that began last weekend (^ ◇ ^)

It is a clean series of colors!

We mix nine kinds of various kinds and use a special tailored yarn.

Mixed colors, unlike monochrome plain knit

It will not be coordinated as something missing / lonely!

At first glance, blue and red are conspicuous

Although it seems pretty to be able to wear to myself,

When looking closely, many colors such as purple, green, orange are mixed

It directs elegance, so it is easy to challenge those who do not like cute items!

Slender thin slims like the photo and feet together with Booty etc

It is also compatible with classical coordination (^ ^ ♪

You can also match mohair knit with patterned bottoms.

Why do not you consider it together with the check that this accent color seemed like this year?

Since both pullover and cardigan are short length,

It will not come out from the hem of the short outer so you can wear it cleanly in winter.

Both types are two colors of Red and Ao!

Because we are preparing novelty yet,

Please stop by at the store by all means (* ^ _ ^ *)!


Mohair aligned hand-knitted knit pullover ¥ 15,984 (tax included)
Cardigan ¥ 17,064 (tax included)

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