update 2018.10.30

Must see fashionable dad! ! Ikumen Bag, a collaboration with a combination, is on sale! !

Collaboration items with baby equipment brand "Combi" are on sale.

In this collaboration, two types of buggy and squoche ( handling shops are limited, in Marronie shop it is handled only by Sakoch ).
"Playing buggy F2plus master-piece" is based on the high seat & high position handle F2plus which is easy to push even with tall dads, adopting master-piece original camouflage pattern. In addition, "Corduera ®" is adopted for the fabric of the hood and the seat. By using this durable fabric, it is finished as a product that supports Daddy's aggressive child-rearing participation not only on the design side but also on the function side.
Also, "PAPA BAG master-piece" prepares two colors of navy patterns, taking into account all fashion scenes, in addition to the camouflage pattern that matches the design of the simultaneous launched stroller. As a function for childcare, in addition to 10 pockets that can be used properly for yourself and baby, it is a specification that is difficult to collapse even if mugs or plastic bottles are put.

Although it is a guide only of Sakochi at the Maronie store, please have a look at the shop front.


· Buggy NO, COM-117322 48,600 yen (tax included)
· SACOCH NO, 01753-CB 17,280 yen (tax included)


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