update 2018.11.02

【Davynes】 Christmas coffret released

Hello everyone!
MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B1F Cosme Clinic

Special coffret which we can only meet Davynes ' Christmas, it is on sale today.

【EySpace Coffret】 5,616 yen (tax included)
What is worrisome ...
Oy shampoo (reality item) and oi conditioner (reality item) that give surprising finger street and gloss of popular Oi series
Spotlight circle that gives a shine to the always more popular No.1 in the circle Chronicles series, which was launched in June (thing)
Circle chronicles original mirror which becomes cute and I want it without thinking is set

Let's repair hair damage firmly and get shiny " beauty "

Christmas coffret Limited BOX and Christmas coffret limited shopper are cute
Please get it before sold out

Cosme Clinic

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Cosme Clinic (Cosme Clinic) is a select shop of cosmetics which carefully selects effective cosmetics that emphasize effect from around the world for women who "want really effective cosmetics".
We handle a wide range of skin care, body care, hair care supplements such as doctor's cosmetics, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, make-up products for professional use.
We will introduce products according to your worries. Please feel free to visit us.

The point card is 1 point every 1000 yen.
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