update 2018.11.06

* Bulle de savon mohair brushed knit *

Hello everyone!

Since this week we received a new knit from bulle de savon, I will introduce Type 2 (^ ◇ ^)

① Deep slit raglan pullover

We are aligning top yarns and mohair mixed yarns making full use of the color of the material itself.

The pale soft colors will make a gentle impression.

Because it has a comfortable size feeling and a slit on both sides here

It is a silhouette that does not seem to be too much worn!

This type is knit but with buttons on the cuffs

Crispness is very fashionable!

② Mohair brushed bottleneck pullover

One who is not good at long like the type of ①

It is a very perfect shape for those looking for short knits this season.

This is a knit that feels relaxed with a drop shoulder.

As sleeves are crocheted, there are designs in simple as well.

Compatible with high-waisted skirts, straight pants and wide pants etc.

Since inner feeling does not come out even when overlapping inside

It seems to be able to do lots of wearing (^ ^ ♪

The color development is four colors, quinli, green, yellow and red.

Now all colors are available so please try it at the shop!

I will be waiting for you (* ^ _ ^ *)


Mohe hair raising slit raglan pullover 10,584 yen (tax included)
Bottleneck pullover 10,584 yen (tax included)

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