update 2018.11.30

【M · A · C Christmas coffret third volume】

Good afternoon everybody
It is a foreclosure of M · A · C corner
Thank you for seeing.

Have you all looked at M · A · C's Christmas coffret?
There are up to the third bullet of Christmas coffret how M · A · C

So this time we will introduce the Christmas kit 3 to be released on November 30

First of all,
Shiny Pretty Thicks Fix + Party Bag
Popular mist lotion at M · A · C comes in a small size easy to carry
You can enjoy 3 scents of coconut , rose , lavender
I can make skin care even from the top of makeup
It is perfect for winter when drying is an issue

The second one is
Shiny Pretty Things All Stars Kit
This is how
The classic fragrance of the mist lotion introduced earlier The scent of the forest
Mini-sized mascara with firm volume on eyelashes
Popular! Small and cute mini lip
This is a set of 3
I can get popular products of M · A · C at once

Check it out by checking.
We are waiting at the shop by all means


Shiny Pretty Things Fix + Party Back
3,780 yen (tax included)
Shiny Pretty Things All Stars Kit
2 types
3,240 yen (tax included)

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