update 2018.12.13

Up to 7,000 yen off! Bonus sale coupon gift!

Up to 7,000 yen off! Bonus sale coupon gift!

【Period: 12/1 (Sat) - 12/31 (Monday)】

Have you already registered your very affordable Ains Torpe mobile club?

During the period, bonus sale coupons with a maximum of 7,000 yen off will be given for Einz · Tolpe mobile members only!
For those who register during the period, please register on this occasion if you have not registered yet ♪

Register here ↓
* Point card is required for registration. If you do not have it yet, please pick it up at the store.

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<Coupon Contents>
During the period, one of the following courses can be used only once.

Course A: Tax excluding 40,000 yen (43,200 yen tax included) or more purchased 【7,000 yen OFF】 !!

B Course: Tax excluding 20,000 yen (21,600 yen tax included) or more purchased 【3,000 yen OFF】 !!

Course C: Tax excluding 10,000 yen (10,800 yen including tax) or more purchased 【1,200 yen OFF】 !!

D course: 5,000 yen (5,400 yen including tax) without tax 【500 yen OFF】 with purchase over!
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※ 10% off coupon · LINE coupon · birth month coupon etc, can not be combined with other discount.
※ Can be used in combination with gift certificates, gift vouchers, shareholder preferential tickets, Ains Torpe common shopping tickets.
※ You can not use in tax exemption accounting.
※ 1 person, A to D course will be used for one time only.
※ There is a case I will confirm the point card No. and the mobile club registration number.
※ South Terminal will be out of scope.

If you are already registered, the coupon will be displayed on your My Page if you login from "login / member registration" after accessing the Torpe Mobile top page http://ainz-tulpe.jp/ Will not be displayed).

In December, 5 (Wednesday), 6 (Thu), 15 (Sat), 16 (Sunday), 17 (Mon), 25 (Tue), 26 (Wed) are "Einz Torpe Point Double Days" and W Great deals!
Please use it by all means ♪


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B1F Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle miscellaneous goods
A select shop of cosmetics & drugs that offers variety products from skin care and make-up in Japan and over to pharmaceuticals and supplements. Items recommended for gifts such as cute original cosmetic brand "LIPS and HIPS" are also available.
In addition, we offer a special maintenance corner at "AYURA" which leads to "not lose" skin to stress. You can choose items slowly while talking to your special partner about your skin problems.
Up to 10% points reduction AINZ&TULPE point card, join immediately for free on shopping day OK!
While trying the tester in the store freely, please find your favorite items by all means.
Store information here