update 2018.11.29

"VECUA × PRETTY YOU LONDON" limited collaboration premium facial course

A special plan with gifts collaborated by London's popular brand "PRETTY YOU LONDON" and "VECUA" appeared for a limited time.
A beautiful plan with the beauty method of "VECUA", a great deals with cute room shoes for souvenirs.
Do not miss this opportunity to feel beautiful and to feel good as it gets beautiful.
【Course content】
① VECUA premium facial care ※ VECUA for the first time for women ②PRETTY YOU LONDON room shoes
※The image is an image. Design etc are subject to change. Also, you can not choose the type etc.
③ VECUA beauty drink 1 bottle

VECUA First time female limited collaboration special price 6,480 yen (tax included)


VECUA First time female limited collaboration special price 6,480 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B1F Cosmetics & Beauty
Department store Esthetic brand VECUA's new STYLE
VECUA ~ Personal Treatment ~
Based on the Facial Esthetic with VECUA's method condensed on 1 million people's skin, you can customize Option Menu that matches your skin condition at that time and you can make more than 100 original courses.
In particular, we recommend "Energy Charge Treatment" that uses a face mask that draws on the power of your skin and can only experience with an esthetic that confines plenty of nutrients necessary for your skin.
Since there is counseling by professional beauty attendant before esthetics, please do not hesitate to consult about any troubles! After the aesthetics it also comes with a makeup service so you can drop in easily before going out etc.
Refresh your mind and body with a facial treatment of Bekya. Please enjoy the relaxation time of bliss.
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