update 2018.12.03

Salon de the Angelina December degree menu

" Salon de the Angelina " A salon established in Paris, established in 1903.
The Ginza store is settled down in a relaxing shop based on white.
From the seats on the window side, you can see the cityscape of Ginza, feel free to enjoy full-fledged French cuisine and tea ceremony.
We prepare various menu such as main meal, weekday lunch, tea set, Mont Blanc, season tea, season cafe
We are waiting for everyone's visit!
For the December degree menu, please see the PDF below.
The lunch menu will be provided until Friday 21 December (Friday).

Salon de the Angelina

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 2F Restaurant · Cafe
" Salon de the Angelina " will be closed on December 31st. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your patronage. Furthermore, the 1st floor cake shop will continue to open.

" Salon de the Angelina " is a long established salon in Paris founded in 1903 which was loved by celebrities such as Coco Chanel and social circles, people called the flower of aristocracy of Paris.
Here at the Ginza shop we develop a salon, it is set in a calm shop based on white.
From the window side seating, you can see the cityscape of Ginza, you can enjoy authentic French cuisine and tea casually.
Maron paste used for Mont Blanc boasts is imported directly from Paris. A simple three-layer tailoring of malon paste, sugar-free cream, meringue, which makes use of the taste of the material, is a proof of confidence.
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