update 2018.12.03

W / CA joined double double-sided brushed beaver 1 pattern coat

Today is 1 piece pattern coat which was popular last year from SO 1: 1!
Tasmania cashmere mixed double weave fabric, double-sided raised, finished in Shallum processing to maximize the texture of cashmere.
The fluff length is uniform, I feel a beautiful gloss feeling even when wearing.
Born in the production area of ​​wool, Oshu, the finest bespoke fabric ever in history.
Despite its thickness, she fell in love with a soft and glossy fabric.
For a wonderful fabric, it has a simple design to the limit.
As much as possible, we eliminated the switch and we designed only "folding"
Even after years of age, it is a coat that you can wear carefully forever!
Please do not miss it! !
We'll be expecting you!
Notes Ecci Rans Ginza MARRONNIER GATE store


Court 60,480 yen (tax included)
Color beige, navy, charcoal gray

note et silence.

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