update 2018.12.04

【M · A • C settlement of seasonal problems! 】

Hello everyone

M • A • CIt is a corner Igarashi

Thank you for taking a look today.

This topic is "Seasonal problems" about

Are there any problems with your makeup or skin recentlyWhat?

Outside temperature also fell at a stretch
DryingIt's time to worry

Also at stores
Drying Ya Make glossy skin
We have many consultations about!

So this time
We will introduce items that can easily produce glossy skin

M • A • CBut very popular

 Strobe cream

This cream is

Increase transparency and skin tone
It is a moisturizing cream that brings out shine

With a plant extract with moisturizing effect and pearl
Give moisture to tired skin, lead to bright skin
Directs shining skin even under indoor light

Color variations5With color

Who are interested in bears and dullness
Pink, peach, red

If you want to make skin more refined
Silver, gold

Please select

Before the foundation
By applying strobe cream
You can stock the inner gloss

Please come and try it by all means


Strobe cream
4,860 yen (tax included)

M · A · C

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