update 2018.12.06

HUGO & VICTOR Christmas cake guide

Hello, this is HUGO & VICTOR.
Can I have a Christmas cake this year?
This time is information on two types of Christmas cakes in 2018.

○ Short cake Paris ○ Between the moist and financheque fabrics, there are plenty of specialty Shanti and strawberries mixed with vanilla beans.
It is a cake that looks like strawberry.

〇 Bisch Georges Amado 〇 In the chocolate mousse, fabrics that can enjoy the texture of crispy texture, such as vanilla mousse, caramelized pecan nuts, are hidden in layers.
You can taste the special cake chef pastishier Yugu Puje made.
It is the first brand of Christmas cake imported from France.

How about HUGO & VICTOR's cake this Christmas?
Since we are also informed at the shop, please do not hesitate to tell us.

Reservation will be accepted until December 20 (Friday) Delivery Period: 21 - 25 days shop front · We accept reservations by phone ※ If you are in advance money system / telephone reservation please visit within one week


Short cake Paris size: diameter 12 cm × height 4.5 cm
Price: 5,184 yen (tax included)

Bisch Georges Amado Size: 19 cm in width × 7.3 cm in length
Price: 6,480 yen (tax included)

It will be sold for each day quantity only


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F Patisserie & Chocolatory
HUGO & VICTOR was born in Paris in 2010.
Chef patissier Yugu Puje continues to provide a number of works that sublimed classic recipes into innovative designs while emphasizing the most emphasis on materials. In Japan, we exhibit Chocolat at "Salon · du Chocolat" to be held in January every year. As a chocolate craftsman, we continue to make chocolate tree tradition new with overflowing imagination. In Ginza MARRONNIER GATE 2 shops, in addition to Chocolat, selling cakes and baked confectionery etc.
Please feel the world view of "HUGO & VICTOR" sweets in Japan.
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