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LISA LARSON Fika TOKYO-a cafe where you can enjoy the world of Lisa Larson

The adorable works of Lisa Larson, a popular Swedish potter, appear on the plate!
For meals, both food and sweets are a little intriguing, and there are a variety of menus that will grab the heart of adults. Whatever you choose, you will discover something exciting, as if you were eating an artwork!
Fika means “coffee break with family, friends and lovers” in Sweden. Isn't it a word like them that value time with family and other familiar people?
Not only for Lisa Larson fans, but also for people who like Scandinavia and art, and who want to have a good time through food.
Why don't you come to a "sleep" with important people?

event nameLISA LARSON Fika TOKYO
Duration10/4 (Friday)-2020/1/27 (Monday)
placeSunday brunch ( MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 / 4F)
time11:00 〜 21:00
[Last order] 20:00
* Reservation priority Click here for reservations
Planning and operationManagement: City Studio

For customers with small children Nursing room / baby seat is available at MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 / B1F.
The popular cat, Mikey, is an "almond milk rice" that is gentle on the taste and body. A lion with a cute rounded shape appears as a three-dimensional rice shaped from the work itself! Of course, we also have a menu that arranges Swedish home-cooked meatballs and typical sweets “Semla”.

Mikey plate 1,680 yen (excluding tax)
Lion plate 1,680 yen (excluding tax)
Bob plate 1,680 yen (excluding tax)
Mia Trifle Parfait (15: 00-limited) with drinks 1,900 yen (excluding tax)
Hedgehog caramel banana cheese cake with drink / 1 cut 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
Baby Mikey's Gateau chocolate drink included / 1 cut ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax)
A potter born in Harulunda, Sweden in 1931.
After graduating from university, he received a scout from Stig Lindberg and joined Gustavsberg, Sweden's largest ceramics company. During his 26 years of enrollment, he produced about 320 excellent works including animal series and gained popularity as a representative ceramic artist in Sweden. After leaving the company in 1979, she worked as a freelance designer. In 1992 she founded Keramik Studion Gustavsberg. Gentle and cute coquettish animals and rustic, warm and expressive figures are rapidly increasing not only in Sweden and Japan but also around the world. In recent years, in addition to reprinting his works, he has continued to work energetically, including art pieces and new works.