update 2019.01.17


【1/18 (Fri) NEW OPEN】 Taiwanese sweets "Meet Fresh Shen Yu Shen"

Date and time Limited time 1/18 (Friday) - 8/25 (Sunday)
place MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 / 2F
A traditional sweets shop that was born in Taiwan and familiar all over the world will finally appear in the MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2!

Taste of handmade taste and innovative tactile sensation sticking to natural materials - Not only popular tapioca but also sweet potato dumplings made of sweet potato and taro potato "Tormone (potato)", a herb made from Taiwan "Sengoku (Soy sauce) ", the blessing of soybean" bean flower (tofu) ", etc. are all low-calorie healthy sweets .

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza shop, you can enjoy from the standard to the new menu.
In addition to hot sandwich with newly introduced tapioca in our store opening memorial, Japanese original menu such as strawberry milk bean flower "strawberry apricot purine parfa" etc. is also prepared!

All menus can be taken out.
We are waiting for everyone's visit.

① Tapiocataro sweet potato hot sand 350 yen including tax A new work commemorating OPEN in MARRONNIER GATE Ginza !
② Tormone no. 4 ice cream L size 800 yen including tax (M size including tax of 500 yen)
③ Saisakusa Original L size 850 yen including tax (M size including tax 550 yen)
④ Strawberry milk tofu flower 700 yen including tax
⑤ Black sugar Tapioca milk ice tax included 650 yen