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Spring infiorata 2019 "Flowering Days Hanabi no Yoru"

Date and time 3/11 (Mon) - 4/14 (Sun)
Lighting time 11: 00 ~ 24: 00 (planned)
place MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 / 1F entrance and each floor
Spring decoration tied up with Tokyo infiorata 2019 "Flowering Days Hanabi no Hibi"
During the period from March 11 (Monday) to 14th April (Sun), entrance "Flowering Days Hanabi no Hibari" is entered, and inside and outside the building of the MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 is colored with cherry blossoms.

The cherry arch of the main entrance is produced by Mr. Yasuhiko Fujikawa, a flower artist active worldwide. For flower paintings drawn in the arch with the theme "Spring Urara" we will use Fukuhana received prayers at Kanda Meisami.

Please take a infiorata look at the spring infiorata at this opportunity.
infiorata is an Italian event that lasts more than 400 years meaning "to flower". It is a big flower painting drawing natural materials such as petals, vegetation, seeds etc. as material on the road etc. as a canvas, and it is currently grandly done in various countries around the world, especially in Italy and Spain.
MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 is also entered as one of the venues of "Tokyo infiorata 2019" scheduled to be held in about 50 venues in metropolitan Tokyo, the center of Tokyo.
Tokyo infiorata 2019 Official website
1F Main Entrance
Exterior decoration
"Sakura no Arch" using Sakura's Fuka flower prayed at Kanda Myojin
"Kanda Meigami" in Kotobukida, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo is known as a shrine that has long been engaged in the "Kanda Festival" famous as one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, one of the three Edo period festivals, and in the Edo era, It has been widely loved and revered from wide to common people.
Even now, it attracts attention as a power spot of Ginnosuke in Tokyo, many visitors come day by day.
Kanda Myosin
Mr. Yasuhiko Fujikawa, Flower Painter Comment
In spring, where relaxing time flows by peaceful, why do not you feel relaxed under the cherry blossoms?
White, pink red cherry blossoms petals soared, I designed a gentle screech.
Please enjoy the new flower art of infiorata .

Yasuhiko Fujikawa YASU FUJIKAWA
Flower / Ephemeral · Artist
A leading Japanese girl with a flower picture " infiorata " drawn on the canvas with a petal, to the present for 15 years to create and produce works at over 250 domestic and overseas, to an art event attracting more than 1 million people a year I raised it. In recent years, he actively engaged in the creative activities of "Flower Kabuki" which reproduces Kabuki paintings with flowers overseas, and requests for creation are flooded from all over the world. The creative work in Spain, the television program "Passionate Continent" got in touch with herself and invited a big repercussion. We also create works devoted to world VIP, such as the Pope and the Vietnamese Communist Party Secretary.
Co., Ltd. infiorata Associates President Institute Hanae Cultural Association representative director engine 01 cultural strategy conference member Eferameru Art League of Nations Council

Mr. Yasuhiko Fujikawa, Flower Painter